Sorrows Always Swim 

It took three years, but Pushing Chain finally found the right production team for the songs on Sorrows Always Swim. They knew that the album needed a classic country feel, and they wanted to be sure to put themselves and the material in the right hands. They found those hands with Bill Kirchen (Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen) and Mark Hallman (The Congress House Studio), who produced and played on the 12 original Americana/roots songs. This is Pushing Chain at their best, playing and singing their original folky-tonk music backed by some of the best players in Austin, Texas: Kirchen on guitar, Hallman on piano and organ, David Carroll on bass, and Rick Richards on drums. Texas guitar legend Redd Volkaert also makes an appearance on the last cut, an instrumental number that puts an exclamation point on the album these 12 songs deserved - a straight-up Americana/country record that would have been as at home in 1968 as it is in 2018.


The album drops everywhere on Monday, September 10, 2018, but it is currently available at live shows.


Art by Jeff Troldahl:

Track List

Lucky You, Lucky Him (4:33)


Hearts Ache When Hearts Break (3:40)


$10 Bill (4:00)


Truckstop Rose (2:33)


A Cowboy’s Ride (2:59)


Sorrows Always Swim (4:11)

Between Teardrops (4:53)


Breadbox (3:17)


Once I Loved A Woman (4:21)


My Baby’s Kisses (3:14)


Yesterday’s Coffee (4:28)


Rondo Up! (2:35)

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