Pushing Chain

Pushing Chain is Boyd Blomberg on guitar and vocals and Adam Moe on fiddle and vocals. The duo recently celebrated 20 years of making music together, as well as the release of their new album, Sorrows Always Swim. Playing approximately 200 shows every year, Boyd and Adam have been doing what they can to spread their brand of folky-tonk roots music far and wide in venues big and small across the United States and Canada.

Pushing Chain

New album available everywhere!

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Suzanne Cadgéne 

Elmore Magazine

With one guitar and one fiddle, the duo generates marvelous close harmony while unafraid to stray into dissonance. The duo’s vibe is infectious enough to be investigated by the CDC; anyone who doesn’t grin during the set must be immune to pleasure.

James Killen 

Houston Music Review

Together they played high energy folk and acoustic honky-tonk in a fashion that would have been right in line on the set of Deadwood.

Youa Vang 

Minneapolis City Pages

The two friends’ songs reverberate with country, jazz, and life up near the Canadian border.

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